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There is more to web and mobile application development than just the code. At telco tech, we use a well-defined strategy to make your projects work. We have been using this strategy ever since we were three developers on a table and it has always worked; though we have been improving it every year to keep up with the dynamicity of technology. In our strategy, the most important assets are the final product and the clients needs and satisfaction. We make sure that our client’s requirements are met, and also take an extra mile to help them scale up.

Our Strategy
This is the first step in our working strategy. You can inquire anything from us by emailing us or talking to our 2/7 support staff. We take our clients seriously and you will get instant reply to your inquiry in less than thirty minutes.
At Telco Tech, we value our client’s opinions. At this stage we discuss the projects with the clients and decide what is great for the project.  Our professionals then make an analysis of the discussion and decide what best for the project and the drawbacks. We then take the project to the next stage of the cycle where development starts.
This is a very vital component of the project. With our experienced developers and designers, we are able to design the perfect model for your project. Our UI/UX specialists come up with multiple designs and we select the best from the samples provided. The design with most developer votes is takes to the next level of development.
Our developers have a great experience with different technologies. We use technologies such as Node js, Angular, core & advanced Php, WordPress, HTML5/CSS, JavaScript among other technologies. Our developers use the design from the previous steps to make your project possible.
After making sure that all the parts of the website are intact and in place, we then make your project visible to the outside world. We usually release a beta for any project first, so as to collects information to make the project better. After releasing the beta, we make all the changes to make it better, before officially making it live on the internet.
This is a very important part of your brands success. telco tech utilizes strategies such as SMM, SEO, Pay Per Click, branding among other strategies to promote your website.  We have the best marketing services that guarantees your brands success in the shortest time possible.
Telco Tech does not stop at the development stage as most companies do. We offer technical support to our clients by providing them with the best support services. We hep our clients with web analytics and Search Engine Optimization.
Telco Tech gives our clients a boost in taking their brand to the next level. We help them in marketing their brands and developing their business. We are dedicated to helping startups to advance to a new level that is able to compete in the global market.
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